Staff List

  • Senior Leadership

    Mr C D Searson
    BA (Hons), Warwick; QTS Warwick


    Deputy Headmaster
    Mr J Holmes
    BA (Hons), Middlesex; PGCE Exeter; History


    Head of Pre-Prep
    Mrs A Packman
    BA (Hons), Manchester; PGCE, UCL


    Assistant Head, Academic
    Mrs H Bradley
    BA (Hons), University of Warwick; PGCE, University of York; French; Spanish


    Assistant Head, Pastoral & Designated Safeguarding Lead
    Mr L Robinson
    Bsc (Hons), Newcastle; PGCE, UWE; Head of PSHCEE; Science


    Assistant Head, Co-curricular
    Mr T Layton
    BEd (Hons), Plymouth


    Finance Director
    Mrs T Scrivener
    BA (Econ) Manchester, ACA

  • Prep Staff

    Head of English; Year 8 Form Teacher
    Mrs R Austen
    MA (Hons), Oxford; TEFLA, Cambridge; PGCE, Open University


    PE; Girls' Sport
    Mrs G Baber-Williams
    BA (Hons) UWIC; PGCE, Gloucestershire


    Art (Maternity Cover)
    Mrs E Barr
    BA (Hons), University of Wales, Aberystwyth; PGCE, Cambridge University


    Head of Science; Year 7 Form Teacher
    Mr J Bird
    Dip Ed, University of Natal


    Year 4 Form Teacher
    Mrs L Blackmun
    BA (Hons), Cardiff Metropolitan University; PGCE, University of Buckingham


    Mrs H Bloodworth
    BA (Hons), Manchester Metropolitan University


    Teaching Assistant, Year 3
    Mrs N Braune
    BSc (Hons), RAC Cirencester


    Year 3 Form Teacher (Maternity Leave)
    Mrs H Burnford
    BA (Hons) Exeter; PGCE, Exeter; QTS


    Maths; Year 8 Form Teacher
    Mr KD Burns
    BA (Hons), McGill, Montreal


    Head of Classics; Year 7 Form Teacher
    Mr B Clibborn
    BA (Hons), UCL; PGCE, University of Buckingham


    Learning Support
    Mrs A Conway
    BSc (Hons), University of Wisconsin


    Head of Geography; Year 6 Form Teacher
    Mr E Craig
    BA (Hons), Northumbria


    Head of Drama; Speech & Drama; LAMDA; Dance
    Mrs C Crosbee
    BA (Hons), Middlesex


    Head of History; Year 6 Form Teacher
    Mr T Curr
    BA, Butler University, USA; PGCE, University of Gloucestershire


    Design and Technology Technician (Maternity Cover)
    Mr M Davies


    Maths; Geography
    Mrs J Davies-Smith
    BA (Hons), Exeter; PGCE, Roehampton; Maths; English


    Head of PE
    Mr N Dill
    BA, Wales; QTS, Gloucestershire


    Head of Art
    Ms E Dismorr
    BA (Hons), Exeter; MA, UWE


    Head of MFL
    Mr O Figgis
    BA, Leeds; PGCE Roehampton


    Girls' Sport
    Mrs S Frapwell


    Head of Computing; Year 5 Form Teacher
    Mr J Gillespie
    BA (Hons), Leicester; MA, Kent; PGCE, Plymouth


    Director of Sport; Assistant Houseparent; Geography; Theology, Philosophy & Ethics
    Mr J Griffiths
    BSc (Hons), Exeter; PGCE, Buckingham


    Head of Year 3; Year 3 Form Teacher
    Mrs K Hale
    BEd, Bath


    Maths; Year 5 Form Teacher
    Mr I Haythornthwaite
    BSc, University of Central Lancashire; PGCE, Liverpool Hope University


    Head of Girls' Games; Assistant Head of Physical Education; Head of Pre-Prep Sport; Year 7 Form Teacher
    Miss E Hobbs
    BSc (Hons), Gloucestershire; PGCE, Buckingham


    Science; Ecology
    Mrs C Hockin
    BSc (Hons), Manchester; PGCE, Bath


    Head of Maths; Year 5 Form Teacher
    Mrs A Hodges
    BSc (Hons), Oxford Brookes; MSc, Exeter; PGCE, Wales


    Mr S Houghton
    Level 2 Certificate for Rugby Union Referees; Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Rugby Union; Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Cricket; Level 3 Emergency First Aid at work, Certificate of completion, Concussion Awareness for Coaches


    French; Spanish
    Miss L Hughes
    BA (Hons), Cardiff University; PGCE, University of Bristol; CELTA, Cambridge; DipABRSM


    Miss S Hutcheson
    BA, Durham


    Head of Boarding
    Mr O Jones
    BSc (Hons), Exeter


    French; English
    Mr R Kirby
    BA (Hons), Manchester; PGCE, Bath University


    Year 4 Teaching Assistant
    Mrs J Layton
    BEd (Hons), Plymouth; Dip (Level 5), Dyslexia Action


    Head of Year 4; English; Year 4 Form Teacher; Academic Co-ordinator
    Miss P Mulliner
    BA (Hons), Oxford Brookes University; PGCE, Kingston University


    Year 3 Form Teacher
    Mrs R Nielsen
    BSc (Hons), Cardiff, PGCE, Exeter


    Learning Support
    Mrs H Pillinger
    BSc (Hons), University of Gloucestershire; PGCE, University of Gloucestershire; Level 4 Award in Perspectives on Dyslexia


    Learning Support
    Mrs C Potter
    BA (Hons), University of East Anglia; PGCE, Canterbury Christchurch University; Dyslexia Plus (OCN Level 3)


    Learning Support
    Miss C Powell
    MA (Hons), University of Glasgow; PGCE, University of London; Level 4 Award in Perspectives on Dyslexia


    PE and Games
    Mr D Robinson
    BA (Hons), Thames Valley


    Director of Music
    Mrs R Saunders
    BMus (Hons), Cardiff University; PGCE, University of Wales


    Ms L Snow
    BA (Hons), UWE; PGCE, UWE


    PE and Games
    Mrs P Stevens
    BSc, UWE; PGCE, Buckingham


    Teaching Assistant, Years 3 & 4
    Mrs M Sujeewon
    Level 3 Dip, Cirencester College; ELSA Cert.


    Miss C Tucker
    LLAM, LAMDA; Diploma in Acting, Mountview Theatre School; LAMDA, London


    Head of Design and Technology
    Mr L Waters
    BSc Civil Engineering, Glamorgan; PGCE, Exeter


    Year 3 Teaching Assistant; Assistant Houseparent (Girls)
    Miss S Weaver


    Head of Learning Support; SENCo
    Mrs H Winchester
    BSc (Hons), Aston University; Dip SpLD; TEFL; Specialist Teacher Assessor (OCN Level 7)


    Maths; English; Head of Scholarship & Challenge; Year 8 Form Teacher
    Mr S Winchester
    BA (Hons) Trinity College Dublin, TEFL


    Head of Girls' Pastoral Care; Science; Year 6 Form Teacher
    Miss K Winkworth
    BSc (Hons), Exeter; PGCE, Buckingham


  • Pre-Prep Staff


    Reception Form Teacher
    Miss L Barnes
    BA (Hons), Oxford Brookes


    Teaching Assistant, Year 2
    Miss S Barber
    Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education


    Year 2 Form Teacher
    Mrs A Barnett
    BA (Hons), Edinburgh College of Art; PGCE, Plymouth


    Year 2 Form Teacher
    Miss P Bett
    BA (Hons), Lancaster; PGCE Chelt & Glos College


    Teaching Assistant, Year 2
    Mrs J Chinnick
    Playgroup Leader (NVQ Level 2)


    Nursery Teaching Assistant
    Mrs K Danks
    NNEB, Norland Diploma


    Teaching Assistant, Reception
    Miss M Hatherall
    Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education


    Teaching Assistant, Year 1
    Mrs S Jackson


    Houseparent; Teaching Assistant, Year 2
    Mrs D Jones
    BA (Hons), University of Bath; PGCE, Bath Spa University


    Mrs E Limburn
    BA (Hons), Cardiff; QTS London


    Teaching Assistant, Nursery
    Mrs J Lore
    Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education


    Mrs S Loveridge
    BMus (Hons), University of Birmingham; PGCEi, Birmingham City University


    Year 2 Form Teacher
    Miss C Maher
    BA (Hons), UWE; PGCE, UWE


    Year 1 Form Teacher
    Mrs G Naish
    BA (Hons), Surrey University; PGCE, Exeter University


    Teaching Assistant, Year 1
    Mrs H Payne
    BEng (Hons), RNEC Manadon; MSc, RMCS Shrivenham


    Forest School Teacher; Nursery Teaching Assistant
    Mrs F Price
    NNEB, Clifton College


    Deputy Head of Pre-Prep; Year 1 Form Teacher
    Mrs H Searson
    BA (Hons), Exeter; PGCE, Bath Spa


    Forest School Leader; Eco Coordinator
    Miss S Shearer-Manning
    BA Early Years (Open University)


    Nursery Teacher
    Mrs R Weinberger
    MA (Hons), St. Andrews University; PGCE, University of London


    Reception Form Teacher
    Ms E Whitworth
    BA (Hons), University of Southampton; PGCE, University of Southampton


    Teaching Assistant, Reception
    Mrs H Wittig
    BA (Hons), Oxford Brookes University; PGCE, Bath Spa University


  • Visiting Staff


    Mr S Garley


    Miss H Hardy


    Mr M Maidment
    British Judo Association and BJC 4th DAN (Competition Grade)


    Speech Language Therapist
    Mrs C Shilling
    BSc De Montfort, RCSLT


    School Counsellor
    Ms J Wilson
    MA, University of East London; PGCE, University of Lancaster


  • Matrons


    Lead Matron
    Mrs A Owens


    Mrs S Gardiner


    Miss K Thomas


  • School Nurses


    Mrs D Davies


    Mrs L Powell
    Registered Adult Nurse; BSc (Hons); SCPHN


  • Maintenance, Grounds & Transport


    Mr T Attwood


    Mr R Bryan


    Mr J Chytry


    Mr J Dudley


    Ms K Ellis


    Mr K Gardiner


    Mr L Gardiner


    Mr S Hitchings


    Mr K Monkman


    Mr M Newman


    Mr R Niblett


    Head of Transport
    Mr M Rutter


    Mr R Toon

  • Administration


    School Office Administrator
    Mrs E Allen


    School Secretary (Wed, Thurs & Fri)
    Mrs P Birch


    Finance Assistant
    Mrs M Bliss


    IT Support Technician
    Mr W Eatwell


    PA to Headmaster; Registrar
    Mrs J Grech


    Estates Manager
    Mr A Hale


    IT Manager
    Mr C Harvey


    Head of Wardrobe
    Mrs F Heseltine
    BA (Hons), Birkbeck College, London


    HR Manager
    Mrs W Jenkins


    Head of Marketing & Communications
    Miss S Lodge


    School Secretary (Mon & Tues)
    Mrs R Merrett


    Domestic Manager
    Mrs A Platt


    Mrs F Shufflebotham


    MIS and Cover Manager
    Ms C Thomas


    Accounts Assistant
    Mrs C Turner


  • GAP and Graduate Assistants


    Miss L Furber


    Miss C Rutterford


    Mr P Washer


    Mr T Tooth