Design and Technology

Design and Technology is the study, understanding and manipulation of tools and materials in our every day environment to overcome problems and make life easier.

The aim for the D&T Department at Beaudesert Park School is to build and develop children’s knowledge and understanding of tools and materials to enable each child to fulfil his or her own potential within the subject.

Following the design process offers pupils the opportunity to experiment creatively with a wide range of materials and techniques and to develop products that are relevant to their daily lives. The subject encourages and develops a wide range of skills from creative thinking and artistic flair, to practical hands-on skills, computer aided design and traditional manufacturing techniques.

Design and Technology is an essential subject with many cross-curricular links and therefore plays a very important role in the development of literacy, numeracy, artistic talent and ICT skills.

We aim to make D&T fun and achievable for all.

Recent Design and Technology Projects