Jul 10 2020

To celebrate the end of their time at Beaudesert and as part of their Leavers’ Programme, our 2020 Leavers have released their very own EP titled ‘Tapestry’. The EP comprises of 4 songs: ‘WACHY’, a dance track inspired by the famous Beaudesert game Wachy Special; ‘Rhythm of the Summer’, to depict the different seasons at Beaudesert and especially the summer months spent on the banks; a hip-hop inspired re-write of the school hymn ‘Beaudeserta Floreat’ and ‘Where we Belong’, a song to reflect upon the journey of growing up and belonging to the Beaudesert family. Each song was written by one of the four tutor groups.

Over the course of three weeks, after the children sat their Common Entrance examinations, the children spent their mornings with singer-songwriters Ben Cipolla and Eleanor Lang. Through a series of 8 workshops specifically designed for our Leavers, the Year 8 children experienced the journey from the initial concept of a song, through to the PR and marketing. Every single element of the EP, from rhythm patterns crafted from sounds of sports equipment, the lyrics, chord patterns, riffs, album art and marketing videos where created by the children. All of the instrumental and vocal parts were recorded by the children on their mobile phones at home, which Ben and Eleanor used to mix the final tracks. Some of the pieces of music had over 100 individual tracks! The resilience, teamwork, collaboration, listening, teamwork and creativity demonstrated by the children was truly outstanding. If this is what they are able to create via Zoom in lockdown, then surely the sky is the limit!

To discover more about the songwriting process and to hear more from Ben, Eleanor and Mrs Saunders, you can listen to the ‘Beaudesert Island Discs’ podcast, which was recorded prior to the EP launch.

The EP has been a huge success and was featured on BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s Evening Show last week.

You can listen to the full EP through the links below.




You can listen to the School’s feature on BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s Evening Show below.