Jul 9 2020

The 2020 Summer term has been one of the most exceptional in the School’s history and has meant a huge amount of change for the whole Beaudesert community.

To celebrate the Year 8 children finishing their time at Beaudesert, our staff created an adapted version of our Leavers’ Programme unique to our 2020 Leavers.

Over the course of three weeks the children participated in lots of exciting activities to celebrate their time at Beaudesert, including creating their own music, volunteering in the community, cooking for their family and learning life skills and first aid.

As social distancing rules relaxed the children were also able to spend some time at School in separate bubbles across the grounds, giving them a chance to see their friends and teachers, as well as playing Wachy special for the last time on the School’s banks. They also planned their School Revue, a variety and talent show to celebrate the end of their time at Beaudesert, which was filmed and played to the bubbles separately.

The year group as a whole created their own EP album, which is now available on Soundcloud and Spotify. Director of Music, Mrs Saunders, was interviewed on BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s Evening Show about the project, you can listen to the feature here from 27 minutes in.

If you are a Leaver this year, please do remember to stay in touch with Beaudesert as we love to hear what our alumni are doing.

The Year 8 Prizegiving ceremony was held in the School’s Courtyard this year, allowing plenty of fresh air and distance between the children. The presentation was live streamed on YouTube for parents to watch at home.

Below is a gallery from the event.