Nov 1 2019

The recent Year 8 Halloween party was one very spooky success story!

First, as afternoon melted into the night, and darkness crept across the land, the assembled crowd of skeletons, ghouls and unidentified creatures gathered for ghost stories in the library.   Next it was time for the petrifying party get stuck into a whole host of suitably silly games including pin the nose on the monster, loo roll mummy-maker, find the sweets in the flour, and good old-fashioned apple bobbing.   Pumpkin carving was followed by a gruesome sounding supper, before the highlight of the night – the scare walk!   Members of staff took up position in dark corners and behind time-worn trees along the pre-planned route.  Then, it was jump-out-of-the-bushes-and-scare-them-silly time when the children had the misfortune to pass beneath their noses.  It was difficult to work out who had more fun – the children or the grown-ups!  To top off a fantastic evening, it was upstairs for a (mildly) scary film before suitably tired and happy children headed for bed.