May 15 2019

Beaudesert is proud to be one of only ten schools in the country invited to take part in the recent ‘Prep Schools’ Choir of the Year’ event hosted by Downe House School.   Consort (our senior choir) had the most amazing day at the esteemed Cadogan Hall in London SW1.   The day comprised of two elements: the competition and the concert.  In the competition the choir performed ‘California Dreamin’ by John Phillips, arranged by Milt Rogers, followed by ‘The Rain Song’ by Mark Growden.  In his adjucation Bob Chilcott said that the choir sang beautifully, and explained that ‘California Dreamin’ was a great choice as it allowed the boys to shine. Talking about the children’s rendition of ‘Rain’, he described the skill required when singing and using body-percussion simultaneously, and added that the children had performed extremely well.

Consort singing their hearts out

There are no fewer than six choirs at Beaudesert, of which Consort is one.  In fact there are numerous music ensembles at every ability level from large groups such as an orchestra to smaller groups and bands.  These range from a saxophone and clarinet ensemble to a string ensemble, flute ensemble, brass ensemble, orchestra, jazz band and rock bands.  Six out of 10 pupils learn an instrument, starting in Year 2 aged six or seven and going on through to Year 8, and the music department puts on so many music events to which parents and staff are invited, that it has its own calendar and Twitter feed!