Apr 27 2022

We were delighted to welcome parent and ‘Ocean Shero’ Purusha to School this morning to speak to the children about her incredible rowing adventure last summer.

Purusha spoke to the children about the trials, tribulations and elations on her voyage across the Pacific ocean, travelling 2,700 miles from San Francisco to Hawaii, as part of a team of four female rowers. The group rowed the distance in just 35 days, breaking the women’s World Record, and raising over £30,000 for the Seabins Project.

In her presentation, Purusha talked through the team’s three priorities; the team’s safety, their friendship and breaking the women’s World Record. She emphasised how they prioritised safety and wellbeing over their world record mission, and in doing so, strengthened the relationship between the crewmates and kept the team working at its peak. Putting kindness and a positive mindset at the top of their agenda meant the team could push their bodies beyond limitations, recalling their mantra of “I can and I will”.

During break time the children had the chance to climb aboard the Ocean Sheroes boat, which has docked at Beaudesert for the week, and explore the ingenious gadgets on board which made the 35 day voyage possible. The children were able to see how the team made drinkable water, where they stored their food and where they slept in the 27 foot boat.

The children loved having the opportunity to learn more about the Ocean Sheroes adventure, after they spent the summer months last year raising awareness for the team by rowing the equivalent distance on rowing machines at School.

We are looking forward to welcoming parents to School tomorrow morning to hear more about Purusha’s adventures.

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