Mar 18 2021

Our Forest School is now home to a beautiful tipi!

Our grounds staff have been busy over the past few months constructing a large tipi tent within our Forest School for the children to enjoy.

The main frame has been constructed using branches from an old coppiced ash tree on site, bound together using a natural manila hemp rope following traditional Native American techniques. The large conical-shaped structure has been covered in a second-hand army parachute and tree stump ‘stools’ sit just inside the tent, perfect for story time.

The final phase of the project is for the children to help weave long green wood in and out of the poles at the base of the tipi to give more cover.

The Story Den is another exciting addition to our Forest School where the children can play in damper weather, or sit together to read stories and sing songs.

Once a week all children from Nursery to Year 2 spend a morning exploring Forest School, which includes lots of exciting activities such as identifying flora and fauna, building dens, learning about local ecology, building fires and cooking tasty treats!

You can find out more about Forest School in our Pre-prep section.