Nov 23 2021

Beaudesert Park School has launched its new House System.

The four new Houses are named Hazel, Maple, Rowan and Willow, reflecting Beaudesert’s rural location and focus on outdoor education.

To launch the new system, children came to school decked out in their new House colours to show off their House pride and raise money for Children in Need. The Pre-prep School held a fashion show with prizes for “best dressed”.

Headmaster Chris Searson said, “It is so wonderful to see the children proudly wearing their House colours in what we hope will further heighten a sense of belonging, identity, competition and leadership for the children.”

“Whether encouraging individual growth, collective community and support, or looking beyond oneself, our House System ensures that we are stronger together.”

“This is a piece of school history in the making. We hope that, just like the trees the Houses are named after, the new House System will deepen its roots within the School and stretch its branches far into Beaudesert’s future.”

There are plenty more House events coming up at Beaudesert Park, including House sports matches, House singing and House charity days. We cannot wait to get started!