Nov 8 2019

Here are the Reception children showing off their super-smart and of course ultra-practical new Forest School suits as they prepared to set off into the grounds for this week’s Forest School session.

In recent weeks the focus has been on autumn and all the amazing changes and fruits the season brings.   The children have been looking at deciduous and evergreen trees as well as acorns, pine cones and chestnuts.  They’ve also kept an eye out for signs of hibernating animals and have of course been making bonfires, including in the new Kadai fire bowl, for the important business of cooking popcorn and marshmallows.   The Year 2s even built their own fires from scratch using the flint and steel to generate a spark.   Now, with Christmas calling, the Reception children are using the saw and loppers to gather resources for natural Christmas decorations.   All the while, Forest School resident Joe Robin is reportedly keeping an eye on the children’s behaviour and will report back to Father Christmas with his findings.  It works wonders!