Jun 21 2021

Our Prep school Stage Craft Week has been a huge success! With stage combat, stage management, sword fighting, wig making and puppetry all on offer, the children have had a fabulous time learning new skills and expanding their knowledge of the theatre industry.

Year 7 and Year 5 enjoyed two brilliant stage combat workshops with Maisy Carter from MC Combat. While Year 5 created nail-biting fight scenes and learned how to ‘stage slap’, Year 7 tried their hand at sword-fighting in a ‘swashbuckling’ session.

Louise, from BAFTA and Oscar award-winning wig maker Peter Owen, Bristol, joined Year 5 for a morning, demonstrating how wigs are made for film and television. The children had the privilege of trying on some of the wigs that Louise brought with her, including one from Nanny McPhee and one made for Nicole Kidman! Did you know that each strand of hair is individually weaved into each wig?

Puppeteer Bella from Paper Jungle spoke to Year 6 on Friday. She showcased some of the incredible puppets she produced for previous productions and the children were enchanted with how she was able to bring the puppets to life. The children then got to make their own puppets out of recycled bottles.

Bella and Paper Jungle are touring locally in the coming weeks, you can find out more information here.

West End in Schools worked with our Year 4 children in a drama workshop titled ‘Our World, Our Planet’. Each group chose a different topic to focus on; deforestation, plastic in the ocean and rising sea levels. They asked themselves, ‘what can I do, what can we do and what can you do’ and devised their own short scenes to demonstrate how to make a difference.

And finally, James Haydn-Harler, spoke to the Year 6s on Zoom about his role as a Stage Manager on shows such as Billy Elliot, Beauty and the Beast and Nativity on London’s West End. The children got to see James ‘cuing’ a live show, which involves overseeing the lighting, sound, scenery and actor cues. There are over 30 cues on each page of the script!

All of the children were so inspired to see what it is like on the other side of the curtain and to explore the variety of roles in a working theatre. What a week! The children had so much fun.