May 21 2020

A family at Beaudesert Park School have created a rainbow mural for the entrance of a care home completely out of toilet roll tubes.  

GriffydnineBetsansix, and Mati Evans, fourspent weeks creating their entry for the school’s creative loo roll challenge, which is now hanging over the entrance to The Lakes Care Centre in Cirencester 

The family used over 252 loo rolls tubes to create their mural, collected from the local community. Each tube was cut into three pieces, totaling 77pieces in the final installation. 

Dad Jason Evans said, There were an awful lot of loo rolls. They were everywhere around the house. At the beginning it seemed like an impossible task to measure, cut, paint and glue them all! 

Even grandpa, a retired vicar, helped the family collect loo roll tubes from the local parishioners. 

We set out to create something that would raise a smile among those most impacted during the lockdown.” said Mr Evans. 

The family wanted to display their work at The Lakes Care Centre as the children’s 96 year old great grandmother, Rita, lives there.  

“She loves flowers and always came and stayed with us during the Chelsea Flower Show when we lived in London.”  

Mandi Short, Home Manager at The Lakes said “It must have taken many hours of hard work and patience to create such an incredible piece of artwork and everyone who lives and works at the home would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to the children for brightening up their day.” 

Headmaster of Beaudesert Park School, Chris Searson said, “I could not be more proud of GriffydBetsan and Mati.   

“This is not the first time that their extraordinary kindness has been shown in recent weeks, but they have taken their care and gratitude to amazing new heights.  I am sure that this will have given everyone at The Lakes Care Centre a hugely deserved lift of spirits.” 

The competition, set by the school’s Art and Design Technology departments, has seen loo roll tubes turned into weird and wonderful objects ranging from boats and beehives to spaceships and giraffes!