Jan 13 2018

Harriet and I feel incredibly blessed to be joining such a warm and thriving community.  This is a warmth we have both felt so strongly during all our visits to Beaudesert in recent months.  To be trusted with following the extraordinary leadership of James and Fiona is an enormous privilege, and is something we look forward to with much excitement.  We bring with us our two children, Archie who will be joining Year Seven, and Nellie, who will come to Beaudesert as a bouncy, life-loving three-year-old.

In my teaching career, I have enjoyed time at Caterham Prep School, London, Great Walstead Prep School, in East Sussex, Kingswood Prep and most recently at Highfield School in Hampshire a flourishing Prep School in Hampshire with buoyant boarding numbers of 120+ and its leavers moving on to the top Senior Schools in the country.  I have acted as Head of English, Head of Drama, SENCO, Curriculum Co-ordinator, Houseparent, while Harriet is also an experienced teacher who has taught every age group from Reception to Year Eight, as well as being a Houseparent and passionate games coach.

Highfield is where Harriet and I first met, where we married and where our children have grown up.  It holds many special memories for us as a family.  We leave this behind to come to Beaudesert because we immediately sensed an incredibly special school that shares our values of education, the values that we believe to be the most important for children of this age.

We aim to hold fast to the strong ethos that is at the heart of Beaudesert Park, allowing children to be children, enjoying the moment while building the character, resilience and kindness that will prepare them for their future experiences in education and life beyond.  We want Beaudesert to be always known for the closeness of its community and for children who leave with kindness and compassion, moving forwards with confidence in themselves but a powerful sense of the need to care for those around them.

Harriet and I thoroughly look forward to meeting you very soon and building wonderful memories together for your family and your children.

Chris & Harriet Searson