Nov 28 2017

A team of eight Year 6 children headed off to take part in the annual Cheltenham College Leadership Challenge.  Phoebe, Lola, Hunter, Zoe, Barney, Toby, Ollie and Enzo competed against eleven other prep schools.  Phoebe said, “It was an amazing day! We really enjoyed every minute. There were so many different elements to the day: firstly we had to guess what was hidden in some boxes, just by feel, then we had a running game, which incorporated throwing balls over, under and into containers.  Then came the patter game, based on Connect4 and we had to describe the pattern made to our team.  We also did night fishing; observation skills; badminton shuttle activity; tyre building … we really had such a great time and were working hard as a team.  We were so excited when our name was called and we took third prize.  Thank you Cheltenham College for a great day of interesting team work!”