Feb 21 2017

We were very proud as a school to have supported Children’s Mental Health Week (from the 6th to the 10th February) and several activities took place in recognition of this.

Form 5LR took assembly on Wednesday, the theme of which was kindness and being good to other people. On Thursday lunchtime all years were invited to join a Pilates session and PSHCE lessons have also focussed on happiness.

Years 3 to 6 were able to dress up using a variety of hats, glasses, boas and jewellery and then pose in a ‘photo booth’ for pictures. This was to create a sense of fun, feeling good together and most importantly laughing! This was definitely achieved as some of the pictures below and above show!

Ten small posters using emojis were placed randomly around the school to serve as ‘happiness boosts.’ These included messages such as; ‘Exercise regularly’, ‘It’s good to laugh’, Keep hydrated, drink water’, ‘Start the day right’.

For more information about Children’s Mental Health Week please follow the link below:

Place2Be.org (PDF)